About us

KINESCOPE FILM is an independent film production company based in Bremen with further branches in Hamburg, Cologne, and Frankfurt.

The team under director and producer Matthias Greving has been producing national and international feature films - and series as well as documentaries and features for cinema, TV and streaming platforms since 2015. KINESCOPE FILM focuses on young film talents with an individual approach as well as on experienced directors and authors. The three-part NDR series RETOURE, directed by Torsten Wacker, has just been completed. Marie Noelle's feature film HEINRICH VOGELER - AUS DEM LEBEN EINES TRÄUMERS celebrated its cinema premiere in May 2022, and her next projects KLOCK AROUND THE KLOCK and DIAGHILEV are in progress. Two up-and-coming films gained great attention at international festivals this year: FORCES by Constantin Hatz screened at the Berlinale in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section, cinematographer Rafael Starmann was awarded the Heiner Carow Prize of the DEFA Foundation for his work. Milena Aboyan's graduation film at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, ELAHA (INNOCENCE IN STOCK), was presented to an international audience of experts at the Locarno Festival as one of six German projects in the First Look programme and was awarded the Kaiju Cinema Diffusion Prize. Among the documentary topics, there is a focus on music documentaries (ANNE CLARK - I'LL WALK OUT INTO TOMORROW, LOOK ME OVER - LIBERACE, A-HA - THE MOVIE) as well as documentaries that focus on visual artists, acrobats and dancers (KOSMOS LIGETI - 100 YEARS OF GYÖRGY LIGETI, DONA NOBIS PACEM - JOHN NEUMEIER, MY LAND - MY LAND?, BOLSCHOI). The four-part true crime documentary series SCHWARZER SCHATTEN - SERIENMORD IM KRANKENHAUS for Sky Deutschland in co-production with Radio Bremen, which can still be seen successfully on SKY and ARD Mediathek, attracted much attention. Currently in production and development are the documentary series - THE JACKSONS, the newcomer project GOD'S OTHER PLAN, the documentary THE GAZPROM SECRET, the documentary series THW - ADVENTURE VOLUNTEER as well as Frauke Lodders' feature film debut AT SUMMER'S END.

Kinescope Film is increasingly focusing on European and international co-productions with partners from America, Canada, Hungary, France and Poland. These include mainly feature film and documentary projects, but also animated films with Hollywood notables such as Glen Keane.

KINESCOPE FILM looks for the ideal medium for every story. No matter what format or subject: the aim is to achieve the best possible result together with all those involved. To achieve this, KINESCOPE FILM works with lean hierarchies, flexible structures, at eye level with all participants, always in the spirit of the respective material and with the highest level of commitment, a great deal of experience and international distribution networks. Long-term artistic collaborations have emerged and continue to develop from this philosophy.