About us

Company History

Kinescope Film was founded in 2013 and has been an independent film production company based in Bremen ever since. After many successful co-productions, Kinescope Film has been taking over TAG/TRAUM Filmproduktion from Gerd Haag in a three-year plan since January 2017. At the same time, Kinescope Filmproduktion was established in Hamburg. Since 2017, Kinescope Film has had four successful independent locations in Bremen, Cologne, Berlin, and Hamburg. The focus is on the creative design and professional implementation of documentaries and feature films for cinema, television and the World Wide Web.

Our Philosophy

Every film is a work of art, but unlike painting or photography, film is a collective project that we approach with care and accuracy. Each film is the sum of small parts and the sum is only as creative, imaginative and courageous as any influencer. It is important to us that we accompany every idea and every material conscientiously and reliably from beginning to end. The creation of films is a process, a collaboration and a mutual enrichment, a partnership at eye level with all participants and the result is as good as the cooperation.

Our Projects

In 2015 Kinescope Film produced the feature film MY MOTHER?S HANDS, the third part of the Bergfest-Trilogy by director Florian Eichinger. Jessica Schwarz and Andreas Döhler played the leading roles and the film was shot in Bremen and Hamburg. The ZDF cinema co-production was nominated in all four categories at Filmfest München 2016 and won the prize for „Best Director“ and „Best Leading Actor“.
Since 2016, Kinescope Film has also been responsible for reporting on the Bayreuth Festival for Sky Arts. At the beginning of 2018, the program was nominated for a Grimme Award in the category „Entertainment and Information“.