Juna's fantastic journey

Juna's fantastic journey
What if you encountered a world at night in a museum that suddenly became real?

11-year-old Juna is supposed to spend the summer vacations with her father, a restorer. Juna's father Heinrich, however, is about to embark on a major assignment. He will visit 12 museums in the next two weeks to check the condition of the permanent exhibitions and to prepare expert reports. He has completely forgotten about Juna. So he makes a virtue out of necessity and decides:

Juna is to accompany him on his journey through the German museum landscape!


© Picture: Michael Ihle

30 minutes
Maike Rasch
Charlotte Rolfes
Charlotte Rolfes
Matthias Greving
Heidi Bruns
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Editorial Staff
Michaela Herold (Radio Bremen)
Lene Neckel (SWR)
Line producer
Matthias Greving
Janina Sara Hennemann
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Andreas Hellmanzik
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Stefan Otterpohl
Title design
Janine Pusch