Hans Blumenberg - The Invisible Philosopher

In Christoph Rüter's film, three former students of the philosopher Hans Blumenberg travel across Germany in a search for traces of him.

Director Christoph Rüter and the three investigators talk to people and discuss the philosopher's thoughts. The starting point is Blumenberg's hometown of Lübeck, from where the three follow the long path of his life and thought. It leads them via Münster, Heidelberg, Marbach, Stuttgart, Munich to Zurich. In all these places, witnesses who knew Blumenberg speak out about his character and his incredible presence.

Hans Blumenberg was and still is one of the most influential German philosophers of the post-war period. His subject is the human being struggling over the centuries to establish his self-assertion against the absolutism of reality. The instrument for this is his thinking, which he understands as reflectiveness, pausing and becoming aware of oneself, allowing detours, creating distance from the superior. Blumenberg calls this process the "adventure of thinking".

90 minutes
Christoph Rüter
Burkhard Lütke Schwienhorst
Christoph Rüter
Gerd Haag
Matthias Greving
Mike Beilfuß
Cine Complete GmbH
Cinema Sound Mix
Andreas Hellmanzik
Color Grading
Andreas Hellmanzik
Audio Editing
Andreas Hellmanzik
Visual Effects
Stefan Otterpohl
Title design
Janine Pusch
Barrier-free version
Kathy Hellmanzik
Cine Complete GmbH
Real Fiction
MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH
Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
Possehl-Stiftung Lübeck
Film Funding of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media