Overview of the broadcast dates of the first broadcast of the four-part NDR/Arte series GEORGIA'S NATIONAL PARKS
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Untouched nature, unique forests, lakes, wetlands, and steppes, a cultural and natural heritage dating back many thousands of years, as well as habitats for dozens of endangered animal and plant species, all this awaits the viewer in the four-part series "Georgia's National Parks."

The four-part broadcast series produced by Kinescope Film GmbH for NDR/ Arte took our teams to some of the world's most beautiful intact natural areas. The viewer will experience the burning hot savannahs of Waschlowani, the swampy wetlands of Kolkheti, and Borjomi-Charagauli's sub-alpine mountain forests and the fascinating mountain regions of the Georgian Caucasus.

The Vashlovani National Park in southeastern Georgia could serve as the backdrop for a Western. Bears, lynxes, wild horses, and wolves live in the steppes and canyons. A unique feature is the wild pistachio trees, which look like apple trees in bloom and give the national park its name. Washlowani translated means - apple orchard.

Kolcheti National Park borders the Black Sea coast in western Georgia. Waterways lead through ancient rainforests that survived the Ice Age. Much of the protected area consists of bogs and swamps. In some places, the peat layers are more than 12 meters thick. Biologist Izolda Matschutadze explores them with a special drill.

On the northern edge of the Small Caucasus lies the Borjomi-Charagauli National Park. Green gorges and mountains up to 2000 meters high characterize the landscape. In the first mountain observatory of the former Soviet Union, astronomer Vazha Kulijanishvili observes the stars. And at 74, he still has one big wish: He would like to fly to the moon. It is wild and pure in the Pschaw-Chewsuretien National Park in the country's northeast. Only a few thousand people live in this lonely mountain region. In Amgha, the last village before the border mountains, Paata Tsiklauri lives alone with his mother. He was born and raised here. His children moved away in the 1990s. But once a year, life returns to Amgha. At the Atengenoba festival.

Georgia's beauty in two double episodes each on Arte and in advance in the Arte Mediathek

May 11th, 17:50 - Georgia's National Parks - On horseback through Vashlovani
May 11th, 18:35 - Georgia's National Parks - The Wild Waters of Kolkheti
May 12th, 17:50 - Georgia's National Parks - The Green Mountains of Borjomi

May 12th, 18:35 - Georgia's National Parks - Through the Mountain Villages of the