World Premiere in Copenhagen

INVENTING TRUTH will have its world premiere at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, CPH:DOX, on 18 March 2023.
Press release

The film by Daniel Andreas Sager about the journalistic imposter Claas Relotius, who deceived Europe's biggest news magazine DER SPIEGEL and the entire public for years, will be screened out of competition in the "Special Premieres" section.

"To celebrate the world premiere at one of the most important and largest documentary film festivals is a great honour for us. Our production for Sky will receive the international attention it has deserved before the film is shown on Sky starting 24 March," says Kinescope Film managing director Matthias Greving.

INVENTING TRUTH - THE RELOTIUS AFFAIR  tells the story of the scandal, from the rapid climb to the deep fall of the former star reporter. The film team goes in search of clues in Iraq, Switzerland and Arizona or Fergus Falls / USA. Companions and protagonists tell their stories in front of the camera behind the mostly invented texts.

Juan Moreno impressively describes how he is able to prove that Claas Reloitus is a high-flyer by risking his own career. At his own expense, he flies to the USA with Mirco Taliercio to investigate his colleague. For the first time, a video is shown in which he confronts a protagonist with Relotius' lies. The film also deals with how DER SPIEGEL dealt with his revelations and processed the affair.

The film is directed by Daniel Andreas Sager, who, after BEHIND THE HEADLINES, once again deals with journalism and its role in a democratic society. Nicolai Mehring is responsible for the camera.

The Sky Original documentary INVENTING TRUTH - THE RELOTIUS AFFAIR  s a production of Kinescope Film. The producers are Matthias Greving and Kirsten Lukaczik. Creative Producer at Kinescope Film is Anne Reißner. The Executive Producers at Sky are Christian Asanger and Marietta Gottfried.