At the end of summer

Siblings Hannah and Timotheus grow up in a strictly conservative family. When Timotheus discovers that he is attracted to men and Hannah develops more and more interest in things outside the family, the siblings come into conflict with their own and their family's principles.

For her feature film debut, Frauke Lodders develops a poignant story of two teenagers with emotional traction in "At the End of Summer". Through a coordinated mix of successful dramaturgy, strong characters, and empathetic realistic dialogues, the author opens up an up-to-date view of a highly gripping parallel world. The depiction of a family riddled with power structures provides the ideal basis for a stirring cinematic experience." - Jury statement hessian film award for best screenplay 2019.

Feature Film
95 minutes
Frauke Lodders
Frauke Lodders
Johannes Luis
Kinescope Film GmbH
Line producer
Matthias Greving
Janina Sara Hennemann
Hessen Film and Media