WHERE THE RIVERS GO - Life in the water crisis

Felix Meschede
Water is scarce, but global demand is increasing exponentially - partly because our way of life consumes more water. Or is the raw material just unequally distributed worldwide? Humanity is facing existential conflicts over the use and distribution of the most essential resource on this planet. „Where the rivers go“ is an investigative documentary film that journalistically explores the central issues of the global water crisis, captivates the audience with emotional stories of international protagonists, and scientifically classifies one of humanity's most important issues in the future.

Water is many things at the same time. First and foremost, it is drinking water for people. The UN has therefore established access to water as a human right. Furthermore, the right to better access to sanitation was also guaranteed. At the same time, water is a fundamental resource in agriculture; people's entire food production depends crucially on water. The power of flowing water can also provide an essential energy source, especially if fossil fuels are to be replaced.

But while the demand for clean water is increasing worldwide due to a growing world population and rising consumption, the amount of water on this planet is not increasing. On the contrary, the availability of clean drinking water is further endangered and scarce due to pollution from agricultural and industrial use. Already, 750 million people worldwide do not have regular access to drinking water. Climate change is further exacerbating global issues, with droughts and rising sea levels negatively impacting water availability in many regions of the world.

In 30 years, according to a UN forecast, half the world's population could be affected by water shortages — the drastic consequences: Epidemics, hunger, conflicts, and migration. Therefore, the World Economic Forum has classified the water crisis as one of the five most significant global risks to humanity. Alongside climate change, it thus represents a threat of global proportions that many people are still unaware of.

Screening dates
09.07.2024 - 20:15 ARTE
Deutscher Umwelt- und Nachhaltigkeitsfilmpreis (Nomination)
22. NaturVision Filmfestival
90 minutes
Manuel Daubenberger
Felix Meschede
Manuel Daubenberger
Felix Meschede
Director of Photography
Felix Meschede
Film Editing
Felix Meschede
André Feldhaus
Felix Meschede
Sound Mix
Manuel Sanchez
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Cineteam Hannover
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Stefan Fraberger
Color Grading
Jan-Christian Pohl
Linda Zervakis
Kinescope Film
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Dianeth Perez Arreola
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Edgar Jaimes
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