Nomination for the German Camera Award 2024

Kinescope / Sky / Nicolai Mehring
Nicolai Mehring is once again nominated for his work as cameraman on "Erfundene Wahrheit - Die Relotius-Affäre"
Press release

The 34th GERMAN CAMERA PRIZE will be awarded in Cologne on 24 May. We are very pleased about the nomination for our production "Erfundene Wahrheit - Die Relotius-Affäre" in the "Doku Screen" category and are looking forward to the award ceremony.

The film has already received recognition in September 2023, when cameraman Nicolai Mehring received the German Television Award for his outstanding performance in the production.

"Erfundene Wahrheit - Die Relotius-Affäre" by Daniel Andreas Sager revolves around one of Germany's biggest journalistic scandals: the case of Claas Relotius, who falsified all or part of numerous reports, particularly at the magazine Der Spiegel.