In an insidiously disintegrating Jewish neighborhood in the cosmopolitan city of New York, the remains of a hurricane randomly bring together three extreme individualists with secret agendas who embark on an unexpected, unusual life changing journey.

Architect Giacomo Genovese, alias Klock, pursues his vision of developing a sustainable „Silicon Valley East“ in the Jewish-majority New York neighborhood of Williamsburg. In order to acquire necessary building land for his dream project, Klock has joined the local religious community - at least that‘s what he tells himself, not admitting that his identity hiding game is actually based in his love for the devout and married Ronit.

After a quarrel with his mafioso father breathing down his neck and an unsuccessful sales talk with the traditional tailor Isaac Singer, Klock meets Paul, an untypical new customer in Singer’s shop, who bought himself a jewish coat although he obviously doesn’t belong to the community. Intrigued, but also genuinely generous by nature, Klock proposes to take him back to Manhattan, as a flashflood-warning has been emitted and wether taxis nor tubes are available. Paul first refuses, finally gives in but soon starts to regret his decision as the drive develops into a dangerous thriller after Klock hears about the presumed criminal death of his business partner and wants to track him down.

Paul, a loner mathematician considered a genius in his line of work, who recently learned that his late and hated Nazi grandfather had Jewish roots, rarely cares about other people’s problems and tries in vain to flee.

When Anat, a girl with a thirst for knowledge who wants to escape her strict community and a forced marriage, joins them in Klock‘s car through a ruse, the increasingly unstoppable odyssey turns into an insightful journey of self-discovery for the unusual carpool. Klock around the clock is an inner-city 24-hour road movie with a precise eye for various transformation processes of our contemporary world, which accompanies three strong egos in their quest for emancipation and identity discovery in the light of nowadays tensions - such as individualism vs. community or tradition vs. progress.

With Jarmuschian poetry and a narrative style inspired by Paul Thomas Anderson‘s MAGNOLIA, the thrilling story will unfold a tragicomic projection screen for burning questions of our time and our togetherness.

Feature Film
In financing
120 minutes
Marie Noëlle
Marie Noëlle
Matthias Greving