My Land – My Land?

In this very personal film, Grimme Prize winner IIka Franzmann follows Ukrainian artists from the Hungarian company Recirquel on their current tour of France.

In the middle of the tour, war breaks out in their home country. Where is their place now? What is their responsibility? Dense and emotional, the film captures the mood of the acrobats between hotel, rehearsals and performances – accompanied by dramatic news and in permanent contact with their families and friends in Ukraine. Not all of the young artists have managed to bring their families out of the embattled Ukraine to safety. Days between worries, hope and doubts. They follow every bomb warning in their home country via the siren app. The artists' personal connection to their home in Ukraine is at the centre of the film. Their homeland is also the core theme of the piece "My Land". Like a burning glass, this film captures current political and emotional conditions. And interweaves situationally captured scenes and interviews with excerpts from the play. In additional interviews, the acrobats open up to personal and existential questions about guilt and responsibility, fear and anger, beauty and trust and, last but not least, the question of the futur

Screening dates
Available from 17. July 2022 – 14 October 2022 Arte Mediathek; 17. July – 16 August ZDF Mediathek
52 minutes
Ilka Franzmann
Ilka Franzmann
Director of Photography
Ralf Klingelhöfer
Film Editing
Hagen Schöne
Jan Strauss (Assistenz)
Anders Wasserfall
Sven Klöpper
Yevheniia Obolonina
Roman Khafizov
Arsenii Khrapeichuk
Rodion Drahun
Sergii Materynkyi
Andrii Pysiura
Mykula Pysiura
Kinescope FIlm
Matthias Greving
Executive Producer
Kirsten Lukaczik
Production Manager
Manuela Lee-Rusch
Tanja Zafronskaia (Assistenz)
Dieter Schneider