Two Lives for Europe on TV

Zwei Leben
The TAG/TRAUM production by Gordian Maugg and Leila Emami will be shown on 31 May at 23.50 on arte and will be repeated on 9 June at 20.15.
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Using all their powers, the German Foreign Minister Gustav Stresemann and his French counterpart Aristide Briand tried in 1918 to lead their countries, which were at hereditary enmity, towards a peaceful future and a united Europe. After their deaths, Europe must endure a second war before the plan of these two visionaries succeeds. By means of impressive archive images and emotional re-enactments - among others with Michael Mendel as Aristide Briand and Ulrich Gebauer as Gustav Stresemann in front of the camera - this film by Gordian Maug and Leila Emami is a tribute to their united actions for a Europe of peace. The filming for the TV documentary, produced by the Cologne-based Kinescope subsidiary TAG/TRAUM on behalf of NDR and arte (editor: Meike Neumann), took place in July 2021 at B├╝ckeburg Castle, among other locations. After the first broadcast on 31 May at 11.50 p.m., the film will be repeated on 9 June at 8.15 p.m. on arte and will then be available in the arte media library until 28 August.

Photo: Michael Kern