Festive Premiere Night

In presence of distributor, production, cast, crew and guests from culture, politics and commerce, the feature film HEINRICH VOGELER - LIFE OF A DREAMER celebrated its premiere in Bremen on Thursday evening.
Press release

World cinema premiere at the Bremen Theatre: The film HEINRICH VOGELER - LIFE OF A DREAMER, shot on original locations including Worpswede, thrilled the Bremen audience and invited guests this evening. Presenter Felix Krömer welcomed Senator for Economic Affairs, Labour and Europe Kristina Vogt, the director of the Worpswede museums Beate C. Arnold, director Marie Noëlle and actors Florian Lukas, Johann von Bülow and Alice Dwyer to the stage. Kinescopefilm producer Matthias Greving thanked the sponsors nordmedia and the German Federal Film Fund, NDR/Arte and Farbfilm Verleih and wished that all the guests in the auditorium would come back to see the film at least once more.

In a mix of documentary and fictional elements, Marie Noëlle brings the life of Heinrich Vogeler to the screen. The painter, graphic artist, architect, designer, educator and writer was a favourite of the bourgeoisie in the early years of the 20th century. His wartime experiences later made him a dissident, his political stance an exiled artist. Heinrich Vogler's life story is a radical search for meaning in times of great upheaval. It raises universal questions about the understanding and responsibility of art, which are discussed in interviews with contemporary artists and cultural workers and build a bridge to the 21st century and the concept of art in the present. The fictional part stars Florian Lukas as Heinrich Vogeler, Anna-Maria Mühe as Magda Vogeler Naomi Achternbusch in the role of Paula Modersohn-Becker, Johann von Bülow as Rainer Maria Rilke and Alice Dwyer as Sonja Marchlewska. On the documentary level, Vogeler's direct descendants are joined by many contemporary German and French artists such as Norbert Bisky and Sophie Sainrapt, as well as historians, writers and experts on the European and international art scene.

On the photo from left to right: Alexandre Dupont-Geisselmann (farbfilm verleih), Johann von Bülow, Marie Noëlle (director), Florian Lukas, Alice Dwyer, Matthias Greving (Kinescope Film) and Claudia Cellarius (NDR/Arte).  Photo: Benjamin Eichler