A trusting Mongolian horse and a would-be all-knowing snake fight their way through Europe to save the gorgeous girl Ava from the worst danger. An exciting journey through European diversity and a mission in the service of friendship.

Dchingis, the Mongolian horse, and #MissBitteschön, the wiseacre snake, make their way to Ava, the orphan girl who grew up with Dchingis in the Gobi Desert. They were inseparable and so happy. Now Ava is gone: two strangers from Lüneburg in Germany, a country very far away and very different from Mongolia, have adopted her. Dchingis fears the worst. He wants to join her and #MissBitteschön is supposed to help. On their way to the land where knowledge is as big as an ocean, the two of them go through many situations and each stop on their journey offers events that Dchingis wants to understand in detail. #MissBitteschön's knowledge is put to the test every time. For relentlessly, Dchingis questions everything from geography, politics, religion to traffic rules and brings plenty of chaos to her omniscience. In the end, however, even #MissBitteschön, the creeping "Wikipedia", will learn a lot from the clueless horse in distress... The road is long, but Dchingis never doubts that he will find Ava again.

Feature Film
Animation film
In development
100 minutes
Marie Noëlle
Marie Noëlle