Nature Parks in Portugal

Portugal, the narrow country in southwestern Europe that is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, has much more to offer than 600 kilometers of coastline promising a beach vacation.
Pristine, unspoiled landscapes, rare animal and plant species, and unique
intact ecosystems can be found in the country's nature parks.

The documentary series explores five of the most important nature and national parks in Portugal. These are protected areas for nature, where flora and fauna can develop wild and free. A national park is a landscape that is ecologically particularly valuable and requires the protection of the state. In the course of the series, four nature parks and the only national park in Portugal, Peneda-Gerês, will be presented. The focus is on the characteristics of flora and fauna of the different regions. We explore the cliffs in the south of the country, the ski resort on the highest mountain in Portugal, as well as the north, the green garden of the Iberian Peninsula.

260 minutes
Mechtild Lehning
Nadine Niemann
Christian Gramstadt
Katja Runge
Mechtild Lehning
Nadine Niemann
Christian Gramstadt
Katja Runge
Director of Photography
Torben Müller
Lür Wangenheim
Dominik van Alst
Film Editing
Mark Mossmann
Andreas Spitz
Birgit Hemmerling
Carsten Rocker
Kinescope Film GmbH
Line producer
Christina Mayer
Radio Bremen