Sober Together

A long-term documentary that follows addicts as they attempt to start a drug-free life at the Hof Fleckenbühl, a self-help facility.

Near Cölbe, a small town near Marburg, idyllically secluded between fields, lies the Fleckenbühl farm - a self-help facility where addicted people have the opportunity to start a drug-free life.

The concept of the self-help facility, which emerged from the Berlin self-help community "Synanon" and works without doctors or therapists, is controversial. Like several hundred people every year, Miguel and Ingrid come to the farm and have to find their way around the facility's strictly hierarchical system. The newcomers have to hand over all their personal belongings, such as cell phones, and they are not allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied for the first six months or have any contact with people outside the farm. While the rigid rules are good for Miguel and give him stability, Ingrid is increasingly getting into trouble and questioning parts of the system.

For one year, "Sober Together" accompanies five addicted people on the Fleckenbühl farm as they try to lead a sober life, which for some seems to be the last chance for a drug-free life.

140 minutes
Fabian Schmalenbach
Fabian Schmalenbach
Director of Photography
Moritz Moessinger
Line producer
Matthias Greving
W Film
Supported with funds from HessenFilm und Medien mbH
Supported with funds from nordmedia - Film- und Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH