Porn Culture

The history of pornography over time

Pornography: Hardly anything stands for so much controversy, for artistic freedom, the sexual revolution, and technical progress. For outrage, turmoil, and violence. What for some is the epitome of luxury, something that belongs to a fulfilled, lustful life, is for others dirty, perverted, and depraved, inextricably linked to the oppression of women, violence, and forced prostitution. Pornography is part of our society and our culture, firmly anchored in literature, art, and film. To engage with it is to engage with our deepest desires, darkest thoughts, and arguably the biggest controversy in contemporary history.

Axel Brüggemann tries to find out how the social climate and sexuality influenced each other in the respective decades. He deals with human sexuality in its greatest possible diversity. To do this, he also travels to the USA, Israel, and other European countries to watch porn films being shot, interviews the directors and performers, talks to sex workers, explores the fascination of sadomaso practices, and illuminates points of contact between pornography and art.

In each episode, rock singer Jennifer Weist and Axel Brüggemann also discuss various aspects of human sexuality and its interplay with society, politics, and culture with prominent guests.


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Axel Brüggemann
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